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Our Conan Exiles server hosting is made with a  super easy to use control panel drop downs and simple input fields. Setting up a server is extremely easy. Our game servers are the lowest online guaranteed. We are a small company so we can give you special one to one support.

In Conan Exiles you are an outcast, exiled and doomed to wander in the harsh wastelands where only the strong survive and the weak are preyed upon.   In Conan Exiles you need to dominate the land and build and survive on a server with your friends.

In this harsh and brutal world of ferocious monsters, bloodhungry cannibals and unmerciful gods its not just finding water and food that are the keys to survival.  Find and pillage in strange ruins and discover treasure.  Be careful not to be corrupted by strange dark forces of this unforgiving land. Travel the vast and harsh desert environment and build shelter to protect you from the overbearing heat.  Wage war against your enemies and battle in the savage heat with bruatility and gore.  Be prepared or be decapitated or maimed.

The world created in Conan Exiles is huge and fluid. Inside this world is ancient ruins and buried treasure and secrets.  Your aim. To dominate this harsh world to your own end. You start with nothing, and you conquer and get it all.  You are the master of your own destiny. Will your clan be successful or will you feel the wrath of your rivals.

Conan Exiles is much more than a sandbox game, it has a very rich and details world. Summon the massive avatar god and have him destory your enemies bases for you. Seize power and hold onto it, sacirfice your enemies to the gods, be his servant and he will adore you back.

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Offsite Backup Manager

We backup your server for 2 months, you can access them with our custom build backup manager

Instant Setup

Our automated scripts set your server up night or day, you will get your login details within minutes of ordering.

Automatic Server Messages

Exclusively you can send broadcast messages to your server and schedule them to send whenever you want. Advertise your website or wish your players a good morning.

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