Unbeatable Arma 3 Server Hosting with Instant Setup! 49p Per Slot

We take pride in being the number one Arma 3 Host in the UK. It's our goal to continue to provide the latest stable version of Arma 3 and we will update your server as soon as a new version comes out at your request.

Our easy to use control panel enables you the ability to not only stop, start and change configurations of your Arma 3 server but also add mods, missions and any addon content you wish. Our game server environment gives you the true ability to run your own custom Arma 3 server. And only 49p Per Slot.

Why host your Arma 3 Server with us?

  • Commandline / One Click Mods / Instant Maps Edit the command line to your server, install mods and maps instantly. Includes Epoch & Altis Life 4.x
  • File Manager / Config Editor / Quality Hardware Upload files using FTP. Use our advanced Editor to edit your configuration. Do all this on our super fast hardware.
  • Instant Setup/ Low Prices / Great Support All services are instantly setup, we are the cheapest UK GSP, we also have the best hands on support.

Configure Server

Why choose GameServage.com

Customer Support

Need help getting your server perfect? We have a dedicated team of agents to assist you and answer tickets within minutes.

Instant Setups

We know there's nothing worse than waiting around, that's why we instantly set up your server as soon as you place your order.

Gaming Network

We use only the best data centers (Tier 4) in the UK to deliver low pings and high bandwidth.

SSD Only Servers

To stay at the cutting edge, our servers only use SSD drives to give you the fastest gaming experience available.

No Complicated Billing

We will never tie you into any monthly or yearly contracts, only pay for the slots you need and you can cancel at any time!

Tier 4 Data Center

Tier 4 data center considered the most robust, less prone to failures and fault tolerant, providing 99.995% availability.

Check out some of our Arma 3 reviews.

Luke Perry

Arma 3 Hosting

Great Website, server runs smooth. Very happy. This is now my main Game Server Provider.

Jake France

Arma 3 Hosting

Great servers. Fast, reliable and friendly support. I'd definitely recommend.

Alex Harvey

Arma 3 Hosting

Excellent service over a long period of time, always happy with support but as it is rarely needed i am extremely happy with my server and plan to order more soon :)

Declan Jardine

Arma 3 Hosting

Best Arma 3 Hosting ive used, very fast to setup and support is great.

Jonathan Chatham

Arma 3 Hosting

Love my Arma 3 server, Altis Life mod installtion was instant, never experienced a host like this.

Liberty Utsiwegota

Arma 3 Hosting

Server runs smoothly, setup was pretty much instant, best arma 3 host ive used. Great Team!