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When Hello, welcome to We rent high quality game server hosting worldwide
Our control panel is build to make it easier for you to configure your server with ease.
Our team have ten years of experience in the game server hosting industry. 

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Absolutely Amazing...

After looking at a lot of server providers i came across Game Servage and The price was shockingly low, So our community ordered a server for ArmA 3 to test and we were just simply amazed enough so to make this my number 1 server provider.

- adumj

Just Great

Server Quality is great as i did alot of the Modding to my server my self( POSSIBLY REASON WHY I BROKE IT SO MANY TIMES HAHA ) and the server runs great and smooth and what every one on this planet wants from a server is good REG and i get great Reg from Gamer Servage.

- adumj

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