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Arma 3 Dedicated Server Hosting

The UK's number 1 Arma 3 Host

We take pride in being the number one Arma 3 game server provider in the UK. It's our goal to continue to provide the latest stable version of Arma 3 and we will update your server as soon as a new version comes out at your request.

Our easy to use control panel enables you the ability to not only stop, start and change configurations of your Arma 3 server but also add mods, missions and any addon content you wish. Our game server environment gives you the true ability to run your own custom Arma 3 server.

All servers are setup instantly so get your Arma 3 server hosted by GameServage today!

  GS Admin V2

GameServage Control Panel

Our GSADMIN is a highly customized version of TCAdminV2 we take a huge pride in our customizations to ensure that you get the most feature packed, full access, reliable and performance hosting possible.

We have taken every aspect of each game into account to ensure that each game is running with a highly customized backend configuration and that you get full 100% access to all associated files including dll files etc...

We have spent 1000s of hours configuring our GSADMIN and with over 100 games and over 100 other application types you can rest assured that your service will be corretly configured and you will not have any issues with access or manipulation of your service.

TCAdmin Control Panel

Multiple servers, secure login

Control all servers from a single control panel. Subusers can be added with their own permissions.

TCAdmin Control Panel

Service monitoring

If your server crashes, the game servers come back online automatically.

TCAdmin Control Panel

Web based file manager

Easily access and edit, create, upload, delete files all via a web browser.

TCAdmin Control Panel

Graphical configuration editor

With this feature you can edit your server configuration files the easy way.

TCAdmin Control Panel

Game server reinstall

With the click of a button you can reinstall your game server.

TCAdmin Control Panel

FTP Access

You can access your game files via FTP with your control panel login.

Server Features

  • HP Enterprise Servers
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • UK's Number 1 Arma 3 Host
  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • We own and maintain our hardware
  • Gigabit Connectivity
  • Unbeatable Prices

Control Panel Features

  • Easy Config Editor
  • Automated/Manual Steam Update
  • Fast Downloads Sync
  • Full FTP access
  • Custom Log Viewer
  • Scheduled Restarts
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Live Console
  • Realtime Statistics
  • Single Click Map Installer
  • File Manager

  Live Support

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  Standard Features

Fast Setup
Clan / Group Pay
Low Prices
No Setup Fee
Quality Network
Quality Hardware
Service Support
Service Monitoring 24/7

  GS Admin V2

User Management

Admin User Creation
Admin User Permissions
Sub User Creation
Sub User Permissions
Role Management

Service Management

Full Access
FTP Manager & Access
FTP User Account Control
Auto Permission Repair
Command Line Manager
Console Viewer/Manager
Direct Console Input
Direct Rcon Input
Log Viewer
Stop / Start / Restart
Schedule Tasks
Remote Resintallation
Config Manager
File Manager
Live Sync Update
Steam Update
Punk Buster Update
Game Tracker Submitter
Switch Game
Instant Mod Installation
Instant Map Installation

*Feature availability differs on a per game basis.